An extensive career in event organization led me to realize just how much I adored celebrations and wanted to be a celebrant in Tuscany! All of my ceremonies are tailor-made and are a careful combination of fun, love, and heart.

My services are extensive with packages starting from Commitment Ceremonies through to Legals with Frills, Elopements, vow renewal, and full wedding packages.

Whichever kind of ceremony you pick, you are in-store for a delightful Italian experience.

I like to define myself as an intuitive and down-to-earth celebrant in Tuscany or wherever you will call me. My ceremonies reflect the power of those magical intense moments that are talked about for years to come. Help you craft a relaxed and personalized ceremony is my mission.

I love bringing something fresh, fashionable, and typical Italian to each wedding I officiate. My promise to you is the marriage ceremony of your dreams!

I even have my favorite stone moment that is when the groom is waiting at the altar and I first see the bride with her foot in the door appraching him. Each bride has her own attitude but the groom’s face, oh man, this is one of the most touching human experince I have ever had.

With every ceremony, I can’t wait for this moment! I am ready and waiting to help with the celebration of your big day. Get in touch here.

From the ceremony script for Noura & Noureddine:

“Cette année 2020 a été inédite et exceptionnelle, aucun d’entre nous n’avez pu réaliser ce que cet évènement allait tout chambouler. Cependant, vous avez pu y faire face. Vous avez pu vous marier avec vos proches sereinement en juin.

Et désormais, le destin en a voulu autrement, vous avez réalisé un mariage à votre image: authentique, simple et unique. Un mariage rêveur, à Florence, dans un cadre idyllique, et comme le veut l’Italie très romantique.

Partners Weddingitaly, Lorenzo Borneo.