For a civil wedding near Siena you should think out of the box and ask for some advice to a professional wedding planner, preferably based in Tuscany like me! The city of Siena itself might not be the best option, logistics and accommodation wise while you can rely on plenty of options in terms of historical town halls and beautiful licensed wedding venues in that area.

This one here, for example, is a Borgo sleeping 80 guests at 15 minutes drive from a nice town hall where you can have your civil ceremony. Transfer is needed and recommended because of limited parking and narrow roads. The area is full of attractions starting from the natural termal baths in Rapolano Terme.

Even if summer is not the best time to enjoy hot springs, with no hesitation I would suggest an aperitifs with a view there, a massage and some relax at the swimming pool. The spring waters emerge from the ground at 39 degrees centigrade and have notable therapeutic properties for a range of skin complaints, as well as respiratory and musculoskeletal problems.

Getting back to our main topic, a civil wedding near Siena can be a real fully satisfying experience because it can be much more convenient than Florence or other main historical towns and offers lots of different venue options in the Siena area.

“History is not the past but a map of the past, drawn from a particular point of view, to be useful to the modern traveller.”

A Borgo is a very special place you do not find anywhere else but in Italy. The word Borgo can be translated as “hamlet” and refers to a very charming Italian small village from the Renaissance or Medieval age, built around a castle or a palace. Italy counts 260 “Borghi”, each one of them boasting an artistic and architectural heritage, tradition, and enogastronomic treasures.

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Photo Credit Pasquale Mestizia