Are you looking for a classic lake Como wedding?

I have the right venue for you, but above all I got the moves! Even if I am based in Florence I am definetely a water element person and by the way Florence has its own river which makes me somehow feel happy where I am, besides the fact that Florence is a wonderful city on its own.

However, this venue at lake Como is one of a kind for several reasons: on top a reasonable price, a tremendous view and position, and it can cover all event’s areas for a medium size wedding up to 70-80 guests with no need of a marquee.

The ideal combination is when you have a religious ceremony so that the church can serve as a back up plan on its own and you can keep the venue for the wedding reception and party only.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Pay attention to yours and the guests transportation service and last but not least the month you choose for your event. Here is the main reason you would need someone like me to advise on all these concelead aspects and get the maximum output with minimum effort!

A classic lake Como wedding does not have to be necessarily a big expensive, but well-conceived and planned in details by a professional wedding planner who can get the ball rolling for you and cut to the chase! Bad weather can be really determinant in the lake area because it will completely change the mood and all your transportation plans.

If you rent a boat, you will also need a back up plan by minivans from the very beginning and some more entertaining activites to lift the mood of your guests during the aperitifs. I said theirs and not yours on purpose as when you are well prepared to face any unconvenience, you will be happy anyway!

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Photo Credit Roncaglione