Wedding planner Tuscany Firenze is one of the keywords that foreign couples use when they are looking online for a professional “destination wedding planner”!

What about Italian couples? Do they usually rely on this kind of service for a local wedding? Is there any difference between a destination wedding and a local Italian wedding?

Definitely yes! It is the couple who determines the main theme, color palette, and event’s flow. Even if the wedding planner is paramount to get the most out of it. The main differences are due to cultural issues like the number of best men and bridesmaids and the way they are involved in the organization, the decision to have a first look with the groom or the bride’s father, number of speeches at dinner, first dance, games, and activities during the aperitifs.

Also, Guestbook, Welcome bags, Hangover kits do not belong to Italian couples at all.

The so-called Wedding planner Tuscany Firenze has the main task to take care of the planning until the wedding day including the day coordination, and all her best tips from her invaluable experience. She is there to let you save time, money, avoid stress, and above all disappointments.

“A man’s accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of his attention to detail.”

It is true that nowadays you find everything you need online but you need orienteering and avoid to improvise, which may obstruct the event’s logistics. To get stick to your wedding day schedule and timing is also one of the keywords of a successful wedding day.

You will tend to underestimate the respect of the timeline which can help you avoid any surcharge from the vendors, possible complaints for the unexpected extension of the party, etc. On your wedding day stay reassured that you will not like having to do with time control and unexpected events.

Even when everything is organized in detail and professionally, unexpected events may occur due to the different situations, several people involved, numbers of guests, etc. If, then the event has even a complicated logistics including separate venues, e.g. one for the ceremony and one for the wedding reception, you must rely on a professional in charge for the guests’ transfer, in addition to the transfer company. You need someone who look after your guests, advise the transfer company in case of possible delays, etc.

Vendors prefer to work with a wedding planner from the very beginning who help them filter the couple’s requests. Remember every wedding is like the first time for every couple, even if this is not their first wedding!

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Photo Credit Sara Lorenzoni photography