Barbiecore trend wedding Tuscany

How to have a Barbiecore trend wedding in Tuscany without looking cheesy? To have a “Barbiecore trend” wedding in Tuscany without looking cheesy, you can focus on incorporating elements inspired by the Barbie aesthetic while maintaining elegance and sophistication. Here are some tips:

-Venue Selection: Choose a beautiful and luxurious wedding venue in Tuscany that complements the Barbiecore theme. Look for elegant villas, historic castles, or charming gardens that exude a fairy-tale ambiance.

-Color Palette: Opt for a soft and dreamy color palette reminiscent of Barbie’s pastel world. Combine shades of pink, lavender, and other pastel tones with velvety-soft Barbie pink roses, delicate pink lilies, and stunning Barbie pink palm leaves, for a touch of sophistication.

-Floral Arrangements: Embrace large, lush floral arrangements featuring roses, peonies, and other delicate blooms. These flowers not only align with Barbiecore but also add a touch of romance and luxury.

-Fashion: Choose a wedding dress that embodies the Barbiecore trend with its femininity, ruffles, and pastel hues, while still maintaining an elegant and sophisticated silhouette. Encourage the bridal party to dress in complementary pastel shades, keeping the overall look cohesive.

-D├ęcor: Incorporate Barbie-inspired elements into the decor, such as elegant Barbie motifs on table settings. However, ensure the decor remains subtle and sophisticated to avoid a cheesy look.

-Lighting: Enhance the romantic ambiance with soft and warm lighting, such as fairy lights or candles, to create a magical atmosphere.

-Cuisine: Serve a sumptuous and gourmet menu, inspired by Italian cuisine, in a visually appealing way. Consider pastel-colored desserts or cocktails to align with the Barbiecore theme.

-Entertainment: Hire live musicians or a DJ who can play romantic and classy tunes to keep the atmosphere refined and enjoyable.

-Photography: Choose a professional photographer who understands your vision and can capture the essence of the Barbiecore themed wedding in Tuscany while maintaining an elegant aesthetic.

Remember, the key to executing this trend without looking cheesy is to strike a balance between embracing the Barbie-inspired elements and keeping everything sophisticated, elegant, and well-curated. There is at least a Barbiecore wedding venue in every region of Italy! To have your Barbiecore trend wedding in Tuscany without looking cheesy get in touch with Framille Weddings and find the perfect venue!