Your wedding planner in Italy

Your wedding planner in Italy has style, charme and the Italian touch. I believe I have them all.

Consciously or not, I have been told so and I believe that my infinite passion for love through thick and thin is a growing and undeniable body of evidence.

My family has been the first inspiration and I owe them a lot probably more than what I owe to all my more significant experiences.

You can let me all the fuzz and start to celebrate. Follow my guidelines and be creative or just be yourself when it’s project time. As your wedding planner in Italy I will take care of all those aspects you are not even aware of, but once revealed you will find out they are so essential for a smooth wedding planning.

To mention a few: the ideal timing and right back up plan, a captivating wedding design and details, and last but not least the coordination of all possible aspects together with payment deadlines and contracts’ review.

Now it is my turn because I also feel the need to express my vision about the ideal couple. Should this reflect you too, we can give it a very good start. The couple I am looking for is in need of an italian wedding planner. Whether it is a luxury wedding or not, what I care for is that the couple is also wanting something unique, which means personalization and lots of fun.

To be a luxury wedding and event planner in Italy is not my main goal. I aim at events where love is celebrated in every detail and your both personalities are expressed in a perfect balance.

A luxury wedding planner can be my prerogative, but my real asset is my endless enthusiasm. At this point I can say my enthusiasm has passed the test of time and I must admit that I like to dedicate the same way to luxury weddings as well as to intimate weddings, elopements, and micro weddings.

What are you waiting for?

Get in touch with your wedding planner in Italy, but follow her on instagram first to have a little preview. Enthusiasm is contagious!

Photo Credit Gianluca Adami