Your Wedding Celebrant in Italy

Dear Couple looking for a wedding celebrant in Italy,

I have decided to write this article after one of my video calls I usually have as the very first step in the creative process of writing a ceremony text. This young couple from US preferred an off camera call as they had just woken up.

At the beginning it was not easy for me to speak to a dark screen, but it is all about vibes and contents in the end, isn’t it? I even had the feeling the groom was a musician without speaking about it – this happens when you are forced to use more your other senses! So when I found out they are living in one of those tiny mobile homes I have been striving for, our collaboration was really meant to be!

Well, even if this is a bit off-topic, I think it is useful for you to understand a bit more the kind of person and wedding celebrant in Italy I am! To use my new friends’ motto:

“More life, less things!”

Check my instagram profile to see from my pictures the kind of mood I like to set in my ceremonies. Of course, I can be flexible and accommodate any kind of request. If the ceremony tone requires, I can be formal and more discreete.

However, the more I can get to know you, the better I can get the most out of your stories and create a new unforgettable ceremony for you. For this same reason I have decided to officiate less ceremonies per year and have the chance to know each couple more deeply.

Last but not least, do not forget I am mainly a wedding planner so especially if you are eloping or you find yourself stressed by the DIY planning, get in touch with me to receive an all inclusive offer!

With Love,


Photo Credit Pasquale Mestizia