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Sono Fran, celebrante e wedding planner dal 2016, organizzatrice di eventi da molto prima. Ho scelto il matrimonio come voi perchè ci credo e quindi per mettere al servizio delle coppie le mie competenze organizzative, linguistiche ed emotive, fra cui spiccano motivazione, empatia e abilità sociali.

Non è un caso se "fra mille" opzioni siete capitati qui e sceglierete di affidarvi a me per la vostra cerimonia simbolica. La parola "concidenza" deriva dal latino e significa "occupazione dello stesso spazio", il vostro come coppia e il nostro, quello di tre persone che credono nello stesso sogno.



Cosa dicono di me?

Afternoon Fran!

I’ve finally found a free moment where I can reflect on the weekend and all of the hard work you and the team put in to make our special day so special!

Thank you so very much for being so understanding, so on-the-ball and so forgiving after all this time! It took a lot for us to get our Tuscan dream wedding over the line over the past three years and you have been an absolute rock and a huge help to us, especially when things were tough at the beginning of this year.

Thank you for all of your help and to the team at Fonte, your assistant and all of our wonderful suppliers.

Whilst we couldn’t control the weather(!), you managed to control everything else perfectly and I’ve had so many wonderful comments about our dinner inside of the dance hall. I think it was a perfect ‘Plan B’ ❤️

In a weird way, I will miss our late night panicky emails but I am delighted that we finally managed to see out our dream and that I can now move forward and concentrate on my young family.

Wishing you a wonderful wedding season and an enjoyable summer with your own family.

Thank you again, for everything ❤️

I will look out for you on Instagram and wish you all the very best.

Love, Natalie xxx

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