Giovanna & Gerald

Choose a local wedding planner in Florence

I am a local wedding planner in Florence. Have a look at this real wedding and read my reviews. Yours could be the next best one!

Now for pictures will speak for my work, allow me to give you tips and more useful information on how I can successfully manage the wedding planning with you. To get off on the right foot I am a local wedding planner in Florence, Tuscany with a second base in Cortona, Arezzo at the border with Umbria, thus available for trasnfer and destination weddings all over Tuscany and Umbria.

Going local is win big, but remember “score had no correlation to benefit gained“! I strongly believe that a deep connection and trust are the real X factors! Whatever issues can disrupth the patch we are walking together, we can stay stuck in rage at being lost, or we can gently recalculate. And recalculating is our best chance at finding our way back toward joy and togetherness.

Even when it feels like everything is out of your control, I will be there to recalculate and turn that feeling into a new relieving sensation of calmness and make up with time and deadlines.

“The opposite of uncertainty is not certainty; it’s presence.”

In the midst of the hardship and challenges I will always be there for you as your local wedding planner in Florence, taking care of all odds and ends as well as the hardest decisions to make. Sometimes put things on the back burner and focus on new topics is necessary for a smooth planning, but only a professional knows if that is the case.

The wedding planning will be hard work?

By and large, yes, but we’re in it for the long haul. My enthusiasm and positive attitude towards challenges and difficulties is not simply related to successful experiences, but mainly due to passion, commitment and self-awareness.”

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(The couple of this wedding did not give the permit to the publication of personal portraits.)

Photo Credit Velluto Photography