Elaina & AJ

A micro luxury wedding in Tuscany

A micro luxury wedding in Tuscany is not only one of the latest trends after Covid and due to the current economic situation. It can be a very satisfying option when you think of a destination wedding in Italy.

I would also recommend it to most of Italian couples who feel so frustrated when it comes to the guestlist! I know it can be hard to select guests and having to risk family relationsips and precarious balances but you can always organize another more formal wedding at home and celebrate twice.

Budgetwise it will always be more convenient than a big destination wedding where the big numbers affect not only the cost of the wedding reception but also those of the welcome dinner, transportation, wedding gifts and possible activities that you may like to organize to entertain your guests during their stay in Italy. Especially if it is their first time here and you feel responsible for their long journey.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

A micro luxury wedding in Tuscany deserves all the same attention and details of a big destination wedding. It is just less crowded and you can use the descritpion “micro wedding” as part of your wedding theme by picking all tiny accessories and small things that will be more easy to transport on the plane and will make your day a big one!

Don’t be shy! Get in touch with me and let me know more about your micro luxury wedding in Tuscany!

From the ceremony of Elaina & AJ:

You described yourself as a “stereotypical New York couple”, together for about 4 years and co-parents to a mini labradoodle named Harley but then, you added you are both very independent and adventurous people who travel often, are very active and admire learning about and experiencing other cultures.

This is more than “stereotypical” to me. Your curiosity and spirit of adventure brought about all of this, which many of us are ready to declare as a brave act.

Credit Wedding Celebrant Framille Weddings in partnership with WeddingItaly