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The most authentic wedding planner in Florence

I was told so by some of my customers and partners: to be one of the most authentic wedding planner in Florence. I believe it is the key. Not only to successful events, but to my own wellness.

The choice of your wedding location reflects you and your style, as well as the choice of your Italian wedding planner should reflect your overall wedding vision. You can get inspired by lots of pictures online, but what makes your wedding unique will be your ideas together with your wedding planner’s.

An exclusive wedding in Italy is not only given by the special place you will be. The relationship you build with your wedding planner and her kind of personality play a major role. For whatever event, luxury, intimate or rustic, you will need to find elements that may represent it and enhance the wedding theme.

The most authentic wedding planner in Florence will inspire you for every kind of event with ideas, tips and suggestions that will always take your both personalities and style to heart. My love for words allows me to get also to the heart of the matter.

What does exactly mean be an authentic wedding planner?

Direct, genuine and self-controlling. The word authentic comes from Latin and means “have authority over yourself”. I think it makes perfectly sense in the way that a reliable Italian wedding planner should never influence the couple too much, thus controlling her instinct to prevail and affirm her taste. She should be able to work on a steady balance of satisfaction and efficiency.

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

This lovely couple from California could never make it for a site isnpection, but the trust and positive feelings we shared allowed a smooth and exciting wedding planning. When you work from a distance all the time, it is paramount that you like that person overseas in charge of the wedding planning and rely not only on her expertise and reputation, but also on the good vibes and commitment she will show to make it work.

No matter what possible mistakes, misunderstanding or cultural differences.

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Photo Credit Gianluca Adami