Sachiko & Matteo

Unconventional wedding planner in Tuscany

An unconventional wedding planner in Tuscany has some information to share about wedding ceremonies in Italy. That’s me! And you’d better listen to me if you want to draw on my experience as an Italian wedding planner and officiant all over Italy.

Do half of your guests not speak your celebration’s primary language? Are you planning an international destination wedding?

There inevitably may be hiccups unless you go for a multilingual-celebrant in Italy!

Embrace the idea of a bilingual or even multilingual wedding ceremony. It will make sure that those gathering for the occasion won’t miss a beat.

It goes without saying how sweet,  greatly appreciated, and even funny the Italian language is to everyone. If you both understand one another’s native language, you can both say your vows in your native language and let the celebrant give a personal Italian touch by adding the right Italian words at the right time.

Even if those most popular words in Italian are about food, you will be surprised at how many other nice words we could mention that are appropriate to use at a wedding celebration.

“After all, Italian most popular icons were dolce vita-lovers and geniuses!”

Possibly, avoid your repeating or having the celebrant to repeat whole sentences in multiple languages. It usually makes it easier to pick up those key phrases like “You may now kiss the bride” and just speak them in both languages.

However, I would rather recommend to let a multilingual-celebrant in Italy choose which part in which language, play with words, and create something unique for your wedding in Italy, inspired by your individual heritage and language peculiarities. Give credit where it’s due, focus on your vows and dare to love!

Another good way to create a memorable wedding bilingual ceremony is to incorporate music from each culture and come up with a few buzzwords to teach everyone.

Get in touch with your unconventional wedding planner in Tuscany and find out more!

From the ceremony script for Sachicko & Matteo:

Whatever language, keep it short and sweet. 

Impegnarsi significa mettere in pegno se stessi, promettersi di fare ogni sforzo per ottenere cosa che non è in nostro potere, ma che, evidentemente, grazie a l’innato potenziale presente in ognuno di noi, è davvero possibile.

Siamo individui dotati di talenti “nascosti, in grado di creare valore, per noi stessi e per gli altri, perché solo “insieme” il valore assume il significato che gli è proprio. Solo “insieme” si crea il proprio ruolo nella storia. Quando due talenti valorosi come i vostri si incontrano, non può che scaturirne una storia degna di essere raccontata nel tempo.

Credit Celebrant Framille Weddings