Villa Lena

One of the best wedding venues in Tuscany

Villa Lena is one of the best wedding venues in Tuscany near Pisa for very special couples and guests. A residence for artists, a shelter for couples and friends driven by their sense of adventure, a home for lonely hearts looking for some inspiration.

It is not a villa for all kinds of people even if it suits different kinds of events, but its spirit between dandy and naïf, the suspended atmosphere between well-conceived spaces and contemporary and vintage artworks makes it a place for people with a keen sensibility and curiosity.

For sure Villa Lena is one of the best wedding venues in Tuscany near Pisa if you are flying to Pisa airport that is only at 45 minutes drive and ideal for those people who are striving for a well-deserved vacation in the countryside with a view all around to enjoy, but I would also include all those alternative people out there and those who really want to experiment and be inspired by local flavors and colors.

Villa lena is a worry-free place bringing about just creative thoughts when all you happen to meet are different cultures and smart minds. After all, variety is the spice of life! For me it was a real discovery because despite pictures were promising a lot, I could not imagine the villa would go beyond my expectations.

Food at Villa Lena is delicious: inusual pairing and attractive presentation, genuine fresh flavors. The apple mousse with roasted potatoes is a match made in heaven!

Villa Lena made me want to tell stories again…

While pictures by a talented aspiring photographer will tell you more about Villa Lena and even make you think of it as the perfect venue for your destination wedding, I will talk to you about the emotions that the villa gave me back hoping they will recall something hidden in your heart and mind:

  • Like the style and comfort of a bathroom to live in, where I rediscovered the pleasure of carrying out my beauty cream ritual;
  • Like the discovery of a flower blooming all around the villa immediately become my favorite. It has a meaningful name: COSMOS, “the flower of summer that does not fear the heat” just like me! Its name comes from Greek and means “ordered” and indicates the precise composure of its petals, which reflects exactly who I am, neat and tidy like a wedding planner needs to be!
  • Like the studios of the resident artists, the surroundings to explore, the open-air room near the Honeymoon Suite, the paintings, the panoramic view;
  • Until the rediscovery of a song that opened up new interpretations and a world of new possibilities: from the writing of this new section of my website to the idea of ​​combining every travel experience with an old song “to brush up”. My travel companion, as well as partner in crime of this new adventure, was listening to the song “Ferrari” by James Hype and Lazza, when I remembered the guitar loop coming from the oiginal song: “I need a girl – part two “by P. Diddy (2001).

I leave you with a quote from the oginal song and I will do the same every time I am leaving for a new destination with a new selected song to inspire me. Actually, it will be the song to catch my attention!

As it happened in that very moment when the current remix reminded me of the original song, of the emotions it had given me the first time I heard it and of what they have become now trying to tell me something new once again.

I dare to say “music speaks to me” when I get captured by a melody offering a new perspective or a moral that I should embark on.

For an incurable romantic as I am, I read the following quote as follows: “remember to shine to bring back to light the positive aspects of people and things”. Moreover, it is really true: “You just need one star to see your way out of the darkness.” (buddhism quote).

You know the sun don’t shine forever
but as long as we’re here, then we might as well shine together

So if you are looking for a an exclusive Tuscan wedding, Villa Lena is the right place to be! And my passion ofr it makes me the right italian wedding planner for you.

Photo Credit Lec Patoku