Angkalisyanti & Daniel

Your wedding planner and officiant in Florence!

As a professional wedding planner and officiant in Florence, I have pronounced these words so many times but I still fall in love with every marriage and every word you say.

“Are you ready to be joined together in marriage?”

And it goes like this: “Daniel, Will you take Angkalisyanti to be your wedded wife, promising to love and cherish her through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?”

Even when the name of one of the spouses is so hard to pronounce or they are quite shy to let emotions flow, I am moved by the event itself, which reminds me how much I care for life and romance.

I admit I am a professional wedding planner and officiant in Florence by vocation so you must think I cannot be but romantic and a daydreamer, which I cannot deny. However, to keep the faith in this kind of emotions even when life has shown you other possibilities, it is not for granted.

You know the answers, the moves, guests reactions in advance and they can rarely surprise you. Despite all of this, my emotions never betray me because I can always count on my sense for love and family especially when I have a feeling of authenticity or I have heard from the personal vows or the guests’ speeches what the couple in question has gone through.

“Love is to live at the risk of your life!”

Sometimes I wonder “they may split in the next years or go astray” but I realize that in the end it does not really matter because they gave it a try and their marriage is the proof. They gave credit to this institution even when it is just a symbolic ceremony because they did it in front of their dearest friends and family especially when it deals with a destination wedding.

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