Sara & Stephen

Rainy lucky wedding in a wonderful Tuscan villa!

You would never tell there was a storm that stopped us for one hour. It was a rainy lucky wedding in a wonderful Tuscan villa. With a good wedding day schedule we had some time margin to postpone the wedding ceremony and still have it open air with a wonderful view on the majestic Duomo of Florence!

For the aperitifs we moved the string quartet inside while the wedding dinner had already been planned and set up in the nice glass house. Even bulb lights that had been set up on the villa’s beautiful terrace since the very morning were not wasted. Based on the weather forecast we knew we could move there after dinner for the cake cutting and the dancing party and so it was!

When the bride is in a good mood though, it means you worked well and all the guests will behave accordingly. Some good entertainment helps, but a good plan B and perfect timeline are the real lifeline!

That it was meant to be a rainy lucky wedding in a wonderful Tuscan villa had been confirmed by the rainbow and good weather that followed the aperitifs at one point. The pictures speak for themselves, and the smiling faces and chilled out atmosphere all day long were really relieving! If it is true that

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

we had a great challenge to cope with and we were all in this together.

As Italian, I am not really used to bad weather, but as an italian wedding planner based in Florence I have learnt since the very beginning of my work to take it into account and always provide for an appropriate solution in advance!

Remember that it is not enough to rent a marquee or have decent indoor spaces in your wedding location. A flawless full back up plan, perfect timing and professional coordination with trustworthy suppliers are the key.

Get in touch with your Italian wedding planner for a smooth exciting wedding planning in Tuscany!

Photo Credit Gianluca Adami in partnership with WeddingItaly