Wedding villa in Cortona

A Wedding villa in Cortona is something you could not think about if you have not heard of it before, but it is the right answer to destination weddings in Tuscany. If you’re searching for the perfect destination for your wedding, look no further than Cortona. This beautiful Etruscan hilltown offers breathtaking views and a romantic atmosphere, making it the perfect backdrop for your special day.

The town itself exudes charm, boasting winding cobblestone streets, picturesque plazas, and scenic vineyards. Whether it’s a small, intimate gathering or a larger celebration, Cortona provides a range of venues that can accommodate any size reception.

For the ceremony, couples can pick from a variety of venues including churches, villas, and courtyards. Each of these venues provide the perfect setting for a romantic ceremony, offering breathtaking backdrops and plenty of photo opportunities. If a more traditional ceremony is desired, a variety of churches are available to book, featuring incredible frescoes and stunning architecture.

For the reception, Cortona offers an array of wedding venues, from rustic wineries to grand villas. Each venue comes with its own unique charm, so couples are sure to find the perfect venue to suit their style. And with a variety of catering services, couples can easily create a dreamy and delicious reception with food that is tailor-made for their big day. Cortona boasts one of the most famous restaurants in Italy dating back to 1963!

Cortona is also a great choice for pre-wedding activities. Plenty of activities are available for couples and their families, such as wine tasting, cooking classes, and picnics in the countryside. There’s also plenty of shopping to be had, with boutiques and antique shops perfect for finding little wedding day mementos.

When it comes to destination weddings in Tuscany, Cortona is the perfect place to celebrate your big day. Whether you’re looking for a romantic ceremony, a dreamy reception, or plenty of pre-wedding activities, this picturesque Tuscan hilltown has it all.

I am a wedding planner based in Florence, at only 1h drive from Cortona, but my family comes from there so I can say I feel local and have all the bonus you are looking for!

Also, I was the first to organize a wedding ceremony oin the main square. Check yourself on my instagram profile. You will find a few pictures of this unique event! And speaking of the best wedding villa in Cortona for you, it is only a question of when are you ready to start?