Italian wedding planner

What would you expect from an Italian wedding planner?

I would answer that she is professional, with experience under her belt and good connections, wouldn’t you? Well, in some cases she will end up being much more than that. I have happend to be the couple’s stylist, financial advisor, family therapist, but most of all I will be your Italian wedding planner, definitely local-oriented, which means with a bit of Italian touch everything I do.

I am proud of my nationality, the place I live and the immense culture I feel called upon to share as much as possible. Otherwise, which sense would it make for you to have a destination wedding if you do not go local? I am hungry for culture and local experiences.

I mean this is the way I like to spend my free time, as well. Even when I need an outlet, I always look for something unusual that can give me new vibes and recharge my battery with different experiences and cultural happenings.

Music is my passion and I am using it to find out new music talents for my events. Actually, this is a point in Italy where we unluckily have been in lack of top notch bands and musicians. Now there are more than in the past, but if you do not know them, it won’t be easy for you to reach them out as this is exactly what they are impaired: communication and promotion because it costs money, and unfortunately music is not the best investment here.

However, this is not to discourage you at all because having an Italian wedding planner who hits the ground running allows you to get what you want and have a blast on your wedding day!

If you are looking for an Italian wedding planner, know more about me and my service at this link and contact me for a quick call. First impression counts!

For insta lovers I suggest to have a look at my profile because it tells a lot about my personal style, previous works and personality.

Photo Credit Gianluca Adami