Luxury wedding and event planner in Italy

If you are looking for a luxury wedding and event planner in Italy, Framille Weddings is right for you!

The next step is to find a luxury wedding location, if you do not already have one because there is where your event will take shape. Also, the location is one of the main aspect that can inspire the dinner table set up and lay out, if you do not already have your favorite.

For example, round tables generally match better classic villas and big open spaces even if the current trend is to mix up round and long tables. Even lounge areas should follow the style of the venue.

I would like to lay stress on the fact that a luxury wedding location in Italy can be any kind. Due to its wide range of cultural backgrounds, Italy can count multiple options ranging from villas, country relais, castles, and last but not least Borgos!

Not to mention all halfway solutions like boutique hotels, exclusive relais & spa, charming agriturismi and historical palazzos! I am pretty sure you need a guidance on this. One thing is visiting Italy on vacation, another one is being familiar with all these different options.

All of them can be luxury or not at the same time. In the end you, thanks to your wedding planner you will find out that it all depends on the kind of set up, decoration and attention to details.

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Photo Credit MangoRedStudio