Luxury wedding in Italy

I would prefer to speak of an unconventional luxury wedding in Italy because luxury can be so personal.

I nix the concept that luxury is something over the top because it is true that less is more and that elegance and attention for every detail are all you need for a luxury event.

I would rather focus on elegance which can be the key to a successful luxury event and make it worthy of this name. Going back to roots you can understand the meaning and reach of this capital word. Elegance comes from Latin and derives from the “act of choosing“. It can only be conceived by a mindset where you know what classical and universal beauty looks like.

Elegance never exceeds and does not stand out except in the way in which harmony itself is pointed out. When you know something, you are naturally able to express it concisely and effectively, and it is part of you; when you know what is “beautiful“, in the same way, you can be elegant.

Are you up for an unconventional luxury wedding in Italy?

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