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Tell me about your ideal Florence Italy elopement package!

Tell me more about your ideal Florence Italy elopement package, and I will make it come true!

To elope in Tuscany is a unique experience, a moment of true intimacy and great authenticity. The speech of your ceremony will be personalized in details but the opportunities to improvise won’t miss and are well appreciated to release the tension.

My being both a wedding planner and celebrant for an elopement in Tuscany means a lot to the couple who has chosen to celebrate the wedding with no family members or friends. Even the most convinced couples may waiver and look for a friendly look! Mainly a smile or even a tear to share.

Then, who can dare to deny that a wedding make you aboslute protagonist? Everyone likes to be seen when one is at his best!

Back to the celebrant for an elopement in Tuscany, it is essential that he/she is able to capture the meaning of this very special occasion because…

“The change is also in the words, in the construction of sentences, in the syntax. Everything passes through language.”

Whether it deals with a foreign or Italian couple, with few or lots of guests, an elopement wedding in Tuscany is a task of absolute beauty. It is important that the celebrant can feel a deep connection with the couple, grasp their gazes, the hidden emotions, the tension and accompany them on this journey in the most delicate and serene way possible.

Read the reviews about the celebrant you are interested in and look at the pictures on social media. The first impression here helps a lot because attitude and style are also a matter of feelings!

Your ideal Florence Italy elopement package is work in progress because as I am based in Florence I constantly take the chance to find new places off the beaten track that could meet all your highest expectations and dream wedding!

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