David & Keaton

Gay exclusive wedding agency in Tuscany

I cannot say I am a proper and only gay exclusive wedding agency in Tuscany. I do not like labels, but I needed you to find me. This same sex wedding in Tuscany was one of the sweetest and most emotional weddings I have ever been and organized. Feel the vibe through its pics!

This is also all I ask for when I think of pictures that should reflect more than just emotions and in a few words are all that’s left from my work!

I am looking for that genuine and contagious happiness together with that sober elegance that caress your gaze. I’m ready to take on more challenges in the next future. And I hope and believe that pictures of my next weddings will show you what I mean.

My new business pitch will be hard work, but we’re in it for the long haul. Destination weddings in Italy will always be relevant and popular. There is no need to talk about irrelevant statistics. It is not only the law of attraction. It is a specific realistic result of what you have worked for so far. It is everyday life.

“Every wedding planner deserves her own clients!”

So I am raising the bar and aiming at specific clients who represent maybe a small market niche: medium-high-end customers profile, intimate weddings and couples with good taste or smart enough to follow my guidance.

We cannot always see eye to eye but discussion can be instructive, and crucial, when it deals with big decisions! I loved this same sex wedding in Tuscany because these two guys here offered me a good balance of style, behave and that little spice, just enough. Mine can definitely be a gay exclusive wedding agency in Tuscany!

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Let me know your thoughts!

Photo Credit Andrea Corsi Photographer