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Where do I find the best wedding planner in Italy?

The best wedding planner in Italy is necessary if you are looking for a destination wedding in Italy. Someone local who can give you all the best tips and make you live a real local experience. It is not enough to know the best local suppliers and be an experienced wedding planner.

If you live and love the place since you were born, you have that extra motivation to give something more, something unexpected, something unique that comes from your personal everyday life, your personal connections, even from your own childhood and/or family history.

The best wedding planner in Italy knows the places, has her favorite venues but never gets tired of exploring, and above all has the chance to find out new options first.

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”

I get enchanted by how Tuscany still surprises me and holds me from moving anywhere else. I love travelling the world and have found places where I could start from scratch and feel at my best but I inevitably need to come back here at one point. The magic never goes away even when I could not travel and had been enjoying the same landscapes and situations for a very long time.

Also, I strongly believe that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Be lucky with me! I am always glad to share my fortune and enthusiasm. Otherwise, what is it for?

And, don’t think I need luck for good weather. For that you need a prepared professional wedding planner that can make the most out of a possible rainy day. In Italy we say “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata” (rain on a wedding day brings good luck to the bride), but I think this must have been told when wedding planner did not even exist in this country.

Nowadays, since when the weather has become more and more unpredictable, you’d better go for the best wedding planner in Italy!

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