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Who is the most successful wedding planner in Florence?

If you are wondering “Who is the most successful wedding planner in Florence?”, I might be tempted to answer “It’s me”! First of all, I am not the only one and then, I would rather to be mentioned as the best one or the most sensitive story-teller.

Here is an example:

Even the most successful wedding planner in Florence had her special shelter. She had been trying for a long time to find a place among all the venues she knew and were part of her top-notch portfolio that could mean the most to her. She was looking for one place of a kind where she could once tie the knot; yet, the one she ideally picked up, in the end, was none of those places but you had to go back to her personal mine of experience.

There was a place that she considered a piece of heaven on earth where she was able to regenerate herself, always, and be full of the joys of spring! A place that she had come to the conclusion could offer a mixture of natural and human elements starting from her first love for the sea to fire, peace, friendship, excitement, romance, and solitude. A lighthouse in the mild winter season and a restoring sun in the populated summer.

“Everyone is in need of a shelter from the storm.
Be the shelter, be kind.”

To be the most succesful wedding planner in Florence, which still is a dream coming true, requires a break every now and then to recharge your batteries before entering into the spirit of the new wedding season! Such a place as the one she found made her a happy-go-lucky person and even if this feeling is not meant to last, it is vital to enable a more positive attitude in general. Now, I know you are longing to hear which place I am talking about…

It is at the sea in the South of Tuscany, it is a fishermen village and not so popular to most. The Maremma area seem to be not so appealing to the most common tourists due to the distance from most attractions and to the lack of main facilities. A place for outsiders where you can be as happy as Larry.

I am pretty sure every one of you has one fav place of its own. Go back there as often as you can and try to bring back that restoring feeling with you. Every match made in heaven reflects a dreamer on earth.

Who is the most successful wedding planner in Florence, then? This question is for sure a good start for your online research for your luxury wedding. To read the stories is the best way to find her!

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Photo Credit David Bastianoni Studio in partnership with WeddingItaly