Simone & Ian

Creative and patient Italian wedding planner in Tuscany

There was once a creative and patient Italian wedding planner in Tuscany who started to question love…

The more she believed in it, the more she happened to meet disheartened men. Maybe her mission resided right in this opportunity to “save” one of them or to relieve someone else’s fears and self-imposed limits for a win-win situation?

She started to feel tired and yet, she did not have the heart to say no to this kind of love. Everybody knows that love cannot neither start from a lack of something nor from any kind of need. I have read once that love is not what you create together but it resides ON WHAT you create together.

This would inevitably let you think that you cannot be capable of real love if you are not self-centered, if you are escaping solitude, etc. This is, of course, very clear but if you need love because you are truly longing for it, you can transform that need into something beautiful, “bisogno” into a “bi-sogno”, a dream for two people united from the same need, vision and desire like an exclusive unforgettable wedding in Tuscany.

“The word Love does not derive from any other word.”

It is not a compound word. Its root means itself. A wrong etymology but extremely romantic makes love derive from Latin “a-mors” meaning “with no end”. A creative and patient Italian wedding planner in Tuscany knows that whatever meaning Love is where she always deserves to be.

Looking at these couples and events, I see reflections of me, of my beliefs and all that is meant to be.

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Photo Credit Loveonphotography in partnership with WeddingItaly