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When a luxury destination wedding planner in Florence surrenders…

A luxury destination wedding planner in Florence should be able to cope with the most difficult situations, all kinds of unexpected events except one perhaps. When it comes to love itself and for herself.

If she truly believes in love, and all that true love entails, she will no longer be the luxury wedding planner, but unveil her truly deepest nature that also connects her so deeply to her job. Every plan, strategy, or skill will fail and she will simply let it be.

The bottom line is to stop staying on her toes and become welcoming. That’s how love speaks to me. When you feel it is real, different, and worthy, you simply need to live with it.

On July 24th, 2021 I had one of my first weddings after the long break due to COVID-19. It was a complicated event still poised between Covid restrictions and possible new opening scenarios. Nonetheless, I felt I had everything under control. Everything, except one. The next best thing that could ever happen to me: to find someone that special right there where I was busy tying someone else’s knot!

Being a luxury destination wedding planner in Florence has exposed me to couples’ most different exciting experiences and familial backgrounds. I am now able to state that they all share two main aspects: determination and an open mindset to surprise, unknown supported by deep confidence.

“Surprise is engaging and can be a key factor when it has to do with love especially because surprise is followed by deeper awareness.”

This is when you understand what has happened and can really enjoy it, whatever result, good or bad. It is the time you can decide to welcome that emotion and learn from it.

Do not stay focused on yourselves, observe what and who is next to you. The more we admire, for example showing appreciation for our partner, the more we will be inclined to wonder.

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