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Tuscany Elopement wedding planner

As your Tuscany Elopement wedding planner, I won’t offer you pre-made wedding packages, but I can offer you an all-in experience easy peasy! Elopements are an exciting change of pace from regular weddings where you have to deal with the whole family and sometimes guests, too peeping out in search of their fifteen minutes of fame!

By the way, even if yours is probaly a last minute decision, do more research to find your ideal Elopement wedding planner in Italy instead of jumping the gun or you risk to miss the mark!

The right wedding planner should be like your partner in crime, unveil secret spots, help you plan something off the beaten track and offer unique tips for your wedding elopement in Italy.

Her being local is fundamental for this kind of event.

“Your Love is my Jam!”

Honestly, if I could marry twice, I would do a wedding elopement sooner or later. Elopement in Italian is “fuga d’amore”. Now it is often conceived as a rapid departure out of fear. Nevertheless, this word entails a more important concept that comes from architecture.

Here a series of elements, placed one after the other at a regular distance, give the perspective effect of a forward leap, of an architectural escape. However, it is in the music where the “fuga” finds his global celebrity. Rules don’t stifle creativity; on the contrary, they can be a challenge for the inspiration and for the mind, in search of solutions that are as ingenious as they are aesthetically valid.

Thus, throughout history, the fugue acquired a remarkable variety of musical meanings and was used in many contexts.

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